what is mlm?

What is MLM?Is it a scam?

Are you also Confused About MLM Leads? Today, your confusion will end.Hello guys, I am welcome back with an interesting topic Multi-Level Marketing or you can say network marketing.First of all, we will discuss what is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is a strategy which many companies are using to sell their products by giving incentives to their distributors. when they can recruit more new distributors as their downline to sell their products and at the same time, all those distributors can also make money by selling their products direct to the customers. These kinds of MLM companies main focus is to sell their products.Although, network marketing is a legally approved business in India but there are so many controversies about it.In India, 99% people think it is fake but according to a report this is not a fake, it is full proof legal and successful business in future.

is mlm really a scam?

The multi-level market is a well thought philosophical scientific process to the marketing of goods and services.It is a very growth full industry, which gives you a success rapidly so, why multilevel marketing has a negative image?It has basically two aspects the one is scheme scam company.The negative image behind the MLM is scammed company, these company’s motive is to only earn a profit for short term of a period and they ran away from the market like sardha scam and Speak Asia.The second one is those people who do not get success in this market, so they also do not want to see you succeed and they viral bad reviews and bad promotion about it.You have need to understand the motive and business structure of any company.

How Would You Understand a Company?

1) people and philosophy

network marketing is really good?

When you join any MLM company firstly, check their principles and organisational structure.If their principles is to only earn the profit and how to increase sales then my advice is not to join that company because that company do not survive the long period of time.On the other hand, if the principles of any company is the Binding force, Leadership, People Culture, Training Methodology that company can survive longer because their motive is not only to earn profit their motive is to also provide training to their employees to increase efficiency.

2) Product

what is pyramid scheme?

The second and most important point, which helps to understand the company’s motive is the product.Product must be according to the market forces of demand.The product should be a brand in the market so that it is easier for the consumer to accept it and the product must be consumer buying behaviour.

3) Plan Profit And Payout

No, Business Can Make You Billionaire Overnight. If above two points are correct in any company then you have no need to think about profit.Because these are the backbones in the network marketing.Actually, Power of Compounding works in this market and According to Albert Einstein Compounding interest is the 8th Wonder of the world.Let’s take an example:- let’s Suppose any person A is cultivating Wheat and any other person B has the farms of mango, so the person A can earn the income quarterly because Wheat takes at least 4months for cultivate.But the person B has to wait for at least 4years because mango takes at least 4years to grow.The same procedure is in network marketing it takes time to earn but after it, the person can earn.

Conclusion. Is MLM a Worthy Place to Earn Money?

Almost we all have in confusion about Is MLM genuine or fake?But according to my point of view, it is really very beneficial for you if you are a hard working because network marketing want hard work.According to the industry data, although millions of people have been involved in this business, only a few have earned good amount from legit MLM companies due to less motivation.

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