Today, we are talking about our Delhi.If you live in Delhi then you all know about that things or if you not live in Delhi so let’s discussed about that thing which is famous in Delhi. So let’s start….


  • Delhi’s famous street food

Chache Di Hatti, Kamla Nagar

Chache di Hatti is one of the oldest joints in the heart of the north campus of Delhi University. They are known for serving the best chole bhature in Delhi University’s North Campus. Stuffed, melt-in-mouth bhaturas with spiced chhole and special pickled salad is gonna make you go mmmm. Chache Di Hatti is a famous place in Kamla Nagar and is always crowded. This place serves one of the best chole bhature in Delhi.

Gol Gappa


gol gappe is also known as is very famous in Delhi, you can get panipuri at every Delhi’s roadside.Call it Panipuri, Puchka or Gupchup, no one can work magic on these delicious snacks like the way Delhiites do. Tangy, sweet and sour water filled inside puffed Puris of Maida, stuffed with potato and gram Dal…


prathe wali gali

Gali Paranthe Wali or Paranthe wali Gali is the name of a narrow street in the Chandni Chowk area of Delhi, India, noted for its series of shops selling parathaParanthe Wali Gali (“lane of parantha-makers”) in Old Delhi is a famous gourmet locality in the world. The famous Mela restaurant in the UK has imitated this famous gali and in Bombay the “Only Parathas” restaurant group is trying to copy the ambience of the Delhi lane.

  • Delhi is also famous for shopping

sarojini nagar market

sarojini nagar market

Sarojini Nagar Market – A Complete Mega Hangout!!Sarojini Nagar is a place that is situated in the south west District of Delhi state in India. The district of Sarojini Nagar Market is very much developed and is the cleanest area and it is most popular due to its market. This market was established in 2010 and this market is nearby the Safdarjung Airport.

Dilli Haat

dilli haat

Dilli haat is also a very famous shopping place in delhi.It is also famous for their  handcraft and social special treats.DILLI HAAT carries you till wonderful world of Indian local art and culture provided through amazing surroundings of craft, special treats and social activities. This DILLI HAAT features of the craft booths selling local, effective and social products from all around the nation.

Janpath Market & Palika Bazaar



Janpath market is located in connaught place.This place is also popular for the Delhi residents as they come to this place whenever they are having time. There are lots of things sold off which are trendy in nature and are also available as per the market fashion. However, these products do not have any kind of guarantee.

  • Delhi is also famous for their statements

“Tu jaanta nahi main kaun hoon!”


Waha se mat jaio thulla(cops) khada hai.


Bhai panga hogya..


Tu janta nahi mera baap kaun hai…


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