raw indian agencyThe Research and Analysis Wing is a government agency whose motive is to the collection, analysis, and exploitation of information in support of law enforcement, national security, military, and foreign policy objectives. It was established in 1968 due to the reason of failures of the Sino-Indian and Indo-Pakistani wars.Raw is a one and only best secret foreign force of India.Raw is a Foreign intelligence involves information collection relating to the political, or economic activities of foreign states.Research and Analysis Wing is an external intelligence agency of Indian Government; You may call it ‘ A secret department.


    • RAW is keeping its eyes on other countries developments in every field which is related to India.
    • To monitor the political and military developments in adjoining countries, which have a direct bearing on India’s national security and in the formulation of its foreign policy.
    • Covert Operations to safeguard India’s National interests.
    • Anti-Terror Operations and neutralizing terror elements posing a threat to India.



The Research and Analysis Wing doesn’t have a website, so it’s harder to apply to become a spy for them. However, jobs advertised as  Deputy Field Officer, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India are thought to be recruiting for R&AW. If you do not believe in fame then here is everything for you.

  • Recruitment of Director in RAW:-

    Most of the directors are from Indian Police Services ( IPS ), and other from first-grade services. A candidate who is already working as a Grade 1 officer in government departments such as armed forces, intelligence agencies etc.; may be deputed as a RAW officer. RAW Allied Service ( RAS ) exam is specially made to absorb talent.

  • Field officer jobs-

These are the real heroes of RAW, A field officer whose works in the real situations. These officers are also carried out by intelligence agencies, police services, military services etc.

  • Analyst Level-

Various Posts under this category are following:-

Central Intelligence Officer
Assistant Central Intelligence Officer.

  • Operations performed by RAW Agents:-

  • Operation Smiling Buddha-
















  • Smiling Buddha was the name of India’s first nuclear program.Indian govt. was given this task to the RAW of keeping the entire operation under his close watch.This was also the first time that RAW was involved in the internal project of the country. Finally, on 18th of May, 1974, India got success and India successfully tested the 15-kiloton plutonium device at Pokhran and India became a member of the elite group of nations who were nuclear ready.India got the success and even the intelligence agencies of countries like the USA, China and Pakistan were shocked when the nuclear device was tested.
  • Snatch operations with the Intelligence Bureau-

snatch operation












RAW has been involved in snatch operations many times from their establishment. A snatch operation is when RAW officers or any officer catch the suspect in a foreign country and get them into the country for interrogation in undisclosed locations. This is generally done to bypass a lengthy extradition process. A good example of a snatch operation would be Akshay Kumar’s film BABY.

  •  R&AW played a vital role in the creation of Bangladesh, 1971.












RAW played an important role in supporting Bangladeshi guerilla organization Mukti Bahini and providing them with training, intelligence, and ammunition. RAW also disrupted Pakistani army’s movement in East Pakistan. Its para-military wing, Special Frontier Force supported in Bangladesh Independence Movement operations. The end result was the successful creation of Bangladesh.

  •  RAW was able to place a spy as a ‘Major’ in the Pakistan Army – ‘The Black Tiger’ Ravindra Kaushikrabindra kaushik raw



    Ravindra Kaushik was a famous theatre artist in his earlier days. He was spotted by RAW officials during one of his dramatic meets and was contacted and offered the job of an undercover agent. In 1975, he was sent to Pakistan where he managed to join Pakistani army and rose to the rank of ‘Major’. Kaushik was instrumental in saving thousands of Indian lives and gave invaluable information to the Indian intelligence agencies. He has conferred the title of ‘Black Tiger’ by RAW.


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