how to make branding?


Hello friends, I am Rishabh Gupta welcome back with my another amazing article, which is also related to marketing”How To Make Your Brand Viral“.As we know in business, Branding is a most important strategy for viral our brand or any product.But if the capital of any startup is very low then nobody can do branding for their product.Because branding is a very cost consuming strategy.On the other hand, branding is a backbone to get the success of any business.Sometimes those companies whose capital and budget for branding is very high and they spent huge funds on it. But today we will discuss those strategies, which help us in branding without invest any fund on it and helps us for organic branding.

how to viral your product?




Marketers can either purchase or earn consumer attention. When marketers pay for advertising to appear that strategy is said to be a paid branding. Usually, Those products whose brand equity is higher, then the chances of branding or speed of viral is higher than the other product.If you want to read about brand equity then you can read from here. Brand equity depends on the consumer’s taste and preferences and by the help of brand equity product get the benefit of mouth marketing and those products who gets the mouth marketing benefit then they have no need of and branding strategy and spent money on it.

Some Tips To Make Your Brand Viral-

1. Feeling vs Information-

Nowadays companies are engaged in talk about their product and their services, not about the benefits of the consumer in their brand advertisement or in promotion but consumers are not interested in the product and services provided by them. So, Try to generate feeling in your brand which satisfies the consumer’s demand and satisfaction. People are not interested in who you are, They are interested in how you make them feel. They don’t care how much you know, they know how much you care.Extreme feeling is a seed giving father to recall value.

2. Socially Responsible emotional story-

how to viral your product?

If your advertisement contains a socially responsible story then you have no need to spend on branding,Because socially responsible advertisements automatically gets the attraction of consumers. Expense have to made on that brand whose have not a social message or not make a connection with consumer on their advertisement and that branding said to be a paid branding not a organic branding.

3. Attention Seeking Potential-

brand viral

In the time of black & white tv the companies gives the message in the advertisments at the end but now the time has been changed and technology updated regularly and If your advertisement are not attention seeking potential means if your advertisement are nor capable to get the attraction of viewer or consumer then consumer changed the channel or your advertisement because now time has changed and consumer changes channel frequently.

According to the survey it has been observed that those advertisements who are not socially connected or not a attention graabing in the first 10seconds then consumer don’t show their interest on it.

There are of two types:-

a)Testimonial Route Of Social Proof

b)Unexpected Extreme Delightful Surprise

4. Call For Action With a Beautiful Jingle-

In this point jingle means after watching your advertisement consumer starts to croon any music or your punch line.As all we know our mind mostly remember those things which is in audio.Because in this jingles there is a hidden commands which helps us to remember our products to the consumer.

5. Exaggerate The Insecurities And Fear-

brand viral

Most of the brands explore your hidden insecurities and explores the fear  and magnify them.Means make them bigger and engaged you by generating a sense of compulsion and sense of urgecy to buy their product.You have also watched that types of advertisements in which they find your and explore them and force you to buy their products not physically but mentally.




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