how to make best team?

How to make high performance team?

Hello guys, I am Rishabh Gupta here back with the new topic “How to make a high-performance team?”As all, we know any business goals can’t be achieved without a high-performance team.Because leader’s or subordinate can only guide the team that, how to do any work but the performance and efficiency to do work depends on the team.If you want Birbal on your team then you have to also become an Akbar.If you get the success to make the high-performance team that day business grows very rapidly because a single person can’t be able to do business.

How to make high performance team?


Some points to make a high-performance team?

  • Talent Acquisition

what is talent acquisition?

“Train your employees enough to train them so much so, that anybody can pay them the double salary of what you are giving them.”

This theory is given by Richard Branson founder of Virgin group.He said that train your employees too much so, anybody can hire them for double salary.

“Treat them well enough so they don’t want to leave” Richard Branson build their business in these two theories.which helps them to increase their virgin group and now virgin airlines is included in topmost airlines.Richard Branson gives lots of training and love to their team members.which makes the employee loyal and efficient.

  • Show your employee A well-defined career path.

what is organisational structure?

Any employee can work efficiently, when they can see their future in their field or if his superior shows his well-defined career path.If you really want to make the efficient team then show your employees his/her next level of designation and career path.which helps them to motivate them towards their work. Growth is must in every organisation no one wants to do the same work they also want promotion so, create an organisational structure and talent progression in your organisation and also make the scoreboard in your organisation which helps the employee to do work in an efficient manner because scoreboard shows his/her efficiency.

  • Transparency in communication


Try to create transparency or glass door in your organisation.It means to try to create justice environment in the organisation.Because if you do not get the success to creating transparency then employees start to think that there is a conspiracy which is related to me.which makes the employe insecure.Transparency also helps to build confidence among the employees.transparency in communication

  • Encourage internal promotions over helicopter landing

We discussed this point by taking the example of politics.We all remembered the election of Delhi assembly election 2015 and Arvind Kejriwal won that election by huge votes.This is why because Bhartiya Janta party do the helicopter landing of Kiran Bedi.Who is the retired police officer and the helicopter landing of Kiran Bedi creates the conspiracy among the party members.The same situation has happened in corporate sectors sometimes managers also creates the helicopter landing.which creates the internal dissatisfaction among the employees.

  • Feeling of significance

They don’t care how much you know, They know how much you care.Every employee wants to get the attention of their manager and also wants to get their care.Involvement is directly proportionate to commitment.That person is more committed who is more involved in organisation goals by you.There is a huge difference between inform and involve.If you inform any employee then he/she is not committed to their work efficiently.

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