how mi covers the large market share in india?

How did mobile company xiaomi become so popular in the indian market?

Hello guys, What’s going on? Hope you are doing well. I am here back with my new case study, which is related to your lifeline…I mean related to your mobile phones “The secret behind the success of Xiaomi in India

If you observed that from the last 2 years the Chinese mobile company xiaomi mi covered the biggest 30 cities in India and after that becomes the 2nd largest selling mobile company in India.Samsung is the top largest selling mobile company in India with the 25% market share and xiaomi is in the 2nd position with 15% market share of the Indian market. Before the Chinese mobile company xiaomi, The Indian company Micromax was in the 2nd position and after that other brands like Lava, Gionee etc.But after the entry of Chinese mobile company, these brands lose their positioning due to high competition. Let’s start our case study and some key points which helps you to compete with your competitors, so read our article till the end.

how can xiaomi covers the largest market share of indian market?




Xiaomi is now the second largest smartphone vendor in India. Its Redmi Note 4 became the highest selling smartphone in terms of handsets in the first quarter of 2017, beating Samsung’s popular J series, which is a first. While we’ve seen three Redmi variants launch in India so far, there’s still no word on when Mi branded phones, (which are usually priced higher) will be launched in India.

In an interview, Xiaomi India’s managing director Manu Kumar Jain says they will launch more Mi phones in India in the future, along with Mi home ecosystem products.

Reasons behind the success of Xiaomi in the Indian market-

Different Approach In Terms Of Marketing


In India, the marketing strategy is very important and very different as compared to another country.  Indian consumer attracts towards your product and services if you can get the success to attract them towards your product by emotionally or by any other method.

And Xiaomi chooses the best marketing strategy, which plays an important role in their success and the name of that strategy is Low-Profit Margin. In the Low-profit margin, the manufacturer sells their product with nominal margin rate, which helps them to Grabs the largest market share and increases the chances of your business scale.

No Physical Store

xiaomi got the huge success in the indian market

The Managing director of Xiaomi takes the very effective and good decision of No physical store of their product.It helps them to reduce the cost of selling and helps to make their product cheaper and helps them to sell their product at competitive price.The only xiaomi has no physical store and sell their mobile phones online exclusively on Flipkart.Which reduces the selling cost and increases their sales.Mobile phones companies like Apple, Samsung etc sells their phones 6months exclusively but Xiaomi sells their phones for 18onths exclusively.

Innovative Advertising Strategy

Xiaomi used the innovative strategy for advertising.They used the digital technology for their advertising they take the help of digital marketing and the help of social media for advertising.

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