Eve Teasing is a cancer of the society. It is a mindset in which the men show their supremacy. Eve teasing is a unpleasant or a kind of harrasment used throughout the world,  Eve teasing is a typical social crime. It is the sexual harassment or molestation of women by men.It is spread almost everywhere,but now a days, in india it spread very rapidly day by day especially in the cities.Wherever you go in India or any asian country, be it the mall, the bus stand, the railway station, the theatre, colleges, schools, if you are a woman you can’t escape it.

eve teasing

Eve teasing with time is increasing day by day not only in the urban areas but also in the rural areas.Many peoples believe that dressing sense of women is the main reason of rapes and eve teasing, but the sad truth is that even conservatively dressed Muslims women who wear a burqa over their clothes leaving only the eyes and feet. they also have to suffer from this.

Molestation: Reasons and some solutions

– Today’s youth is influenced by media and that there is no censor on the content of media be it on the internet, television or films.
– It is usually the girls, who with their body language and their clothes motivate the raucous men to get involved into eve teasing but it doesn’t meant that there is any fault of girl.
– but it is the fault of girl who do not report such cases of eve teasing in the police, if they take any such action against the men who are involved in teasing, it would helps to reduces the number of cases.
– The gender discrimination which is rooted in each and every individuals mind is also one of the reason why people are motivated to get involved into these types of activities. One thing that we all know that is, yes! The wrong things will happen in life, but how do you face and tackle with them.

socialize With The Right

It is a big world and we all have to stay here, we all need to socialize and make new friends to live in this world. But it is all depend on us that what type of people,  boys , is our choice. Remember, it is better to go solo or live single than with a bunch of dumb peoples that have no or little respect for you.

Carry Safety Equipment With You

Prevention is always better than cure and to protect yourself from unwanted and anti social elements. To avoid the cases of eve teasing, make sure you carry your safety equipment with you for eg:  pepper spray, a blade, cutter or everything possible . It can be a nail cutter or maybe the pointed screwdriver. The basic idea is to make sure that you can defend yourself.

Make A Use Of Technology

To stop eve teasing, technology can be one of the best instrument or solutions. Set SOS numbers of your close ones. Keep police help lines on speed dial and keep your GPS tracker on, always. Download the safety apps, learns their cautious and right use; register yourself on related websites. This will make sure that as and when you are in a trouble, nears and dears reach you in no time.

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