cyber crime


cyber crime


Cybercrime is also called a computer-related crime because it is carried out through the internet. It is an illegal activity which is run by a computer or network-connected devices, such as a mobile phone, computers, laptop or any electronic device.As a user of internet growing day by day so it leads to increase the percentage of cybercrime also.Cybercrime may pressurize a person or a nation’s security and financial health.Issues surrounding these types of crimes have become high-profile, particularly those surrounding hacking, child pornography, child grooming etc.

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Fraud and financial crimes

fraud and crime cime

Financial crime is the part of internet crime.Financial crimes are those crimes which are against property, involving the unlawful conversion of the ownership of property. When a person or any legal entity takes money or property or uses them in an illegal manner, with a motive to gain a benefit from it.The ‘financial crime’ covers a wide range of criminal offences which are generally related to financial.Closely connected to the cybercrime, financial crimes are often committed via the Internet and have a major impact on the international banking and financial sectors – both official and alternative.

Types of fraud and financial crime

  1. Bribery
  2. fraud
  3. mortgage fraud
  4. securities fraud
  5. Racketeering


cyber terrorism

Cyberterrorism is the organised crime.It is the use of the internet to conduct violent acts that result in or pressurized, loss of life or significant bodily harm, in order to achieve political gains through harassment. It is also considered an act of Internet terrorism where terrorist activities, including acts of deliberate, large-scale disruption of computer networks, especially of personal computers attached to the Internet by means of tools such as computer viruses, computer worms or other malicious scripts are used.




Cyber-extortion is also known as ransomware.cyber-extortion means a group of people or individual usually sends an email to the company which an email is dangerous or harmful. which express that they have received confidential information about their company and will exploit a security leak or launch an attack that will harm the company’s network and the company has suffered heavy loss due to the leak of confidential information or document by the use of the internet.An example of cyber-extortion was the attack on sony pictures.



Cyber-warfare is a Internet-based dispute involving politically motivated attacks on information and information systems. Cyber-warfare attacks can disable official websites and networks, disrupt or disable essential services, steal or alter classified data, and disable financial systems.which can hacks the official websites of govt. like IRCTC, Govt edu,etc. Basically cyber-warfare attacks on the large scale so it targets the goverment official sites.

 There Are Some Simple Steps To Protect Your Self Against Cyber Attacks

 Use ‘Passphrases Instead use of password

Use different user ID/password combinations for different accounts and avoid writing them down. you can create more complicated passwords by combining letters, numbers, special characters (minimum 8 characters in total) and change them on a regular basis.

 Secure your computer/laptop physically and by: Activating firewall

A Firewall works exactly as the name suggests. it monitors all the incoming and outgoing traffic towards your computer. If your antivirus doesn’t include a  firewall, make sure you have windows firewall ‘Activated.

Using Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware software

Prevent viruses from infecting your computer by installing and regularly updating Licensed anti-virus software.licensed anti-virus helps to protect us from ransomware and anti-malware.To ensure maximum cybersecurity, most of the antivirus software protects from viruses, malware and rootkits, so you may not have to install multiple software.but anti-viruses is must for devices.

Prevent spyware from getting into your computer by NOT installing ‘cracked’ software

Do not install cracked software or apps, as they may install some other malicious software too!
Don’t just click NEXT…NEXT….NEXT..while installing a software.choose “custom installation” mode instead of “standard installation.

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